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A free app for simple 2-category ROC analysis from StenStat

This program is absolutely free, with no limitations, no "extra programs", and no ads or viruses. Click the button below entitled "Download ROCstats" to download the executable file for ROCstats. This file will be named "ROCstats.exe". After the download, simply double-click on this file name in order to start ROCstats. The installed ROCstats program requires 2.4MB of disk space and you must be running Windows 7 or later. It will be in whatever file receives your downloads.

When you run the program you will see an initial page describing it, followed by a data entry page into which you enter a Hit Rate (true positives), a False Alarm Rate (false positives) and an optional Prevalence Probability (the a priori probability that a True State of Affairs, a signal, existed in the experimental trials).

After entering the data you will see a page with two overlapping normal curves for your data and some statistics. Next you will see a graph of the ROC curve for your input data and a calculation of the area under the curve. Last, there appears a page of probabilty tables showing the Positive and Negative Predictive Values for your data. You can scroll back and forth to view the output pages.

Each page of the output has its own Help screen, and error checking by the program makes it almost foolproof. Enjoy!