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Announcing MedRoc, Version 2.0
Software for ROC Analysis of Biomedical Data

ROC graph

StenStat presents MedRoc 2.0, an integrated solution for performing ROC analyses of bio-medical data. Click on MedRoc Features to see what's new in Version 2.0. If you have a previous version of MedRoc, you can update it at no cost by getting version 2.0 (click Download) and then entering your existing registration number into it.

MedRoc 2.0 is a free-standing Windows program that has a full-featured data editor that can be used to either create a data file, or to read and edit a data file created by another program. MedRoc uses terminology common in the field of medical research. It will allow you perform either bivariate normal or non-parametric ROC analyses and allows you to set many parameters relevant to these analyses. The surrogate (response) variables may be either categorical or continuous in nature. Multiple surrogate (response) variables are allowed for the same set of Gold Standard values. These major features, the editor, choice of ROC model, and the ability to handle continuous data make MedRoc stand out from similar programs, most of which do not include all these features in one integrated package.

Output from MedRoc shows ROC graphs and complete descriptive statistics and confidence intervals for the estimated parameters. These parameters include traditional signal-detection measures such as d-prime, beta, and Bayesian predictive statistics, as well as statistics common to biomedical research such as Sensitivity, Specifity, AUC, PPV, and NPV. The output is displayed in tabbed pages allowing you to view, print or save the various types of output independently.

Sample data files containing well-known, published data are included with MedRoc so that you can easily begin to use the program and also check the accuracy of the output. You can read more about MedRoc Features and view some screenshots of the output by clicking those links.

A trial version of MedRoc may be downloaded so that you can try MedRoc at no cost. The trial version is fully functional but limits you to 10 uses of the software until you purchase a registration number for it. To get your free trial copy go to the download page by clicking Download. Once you have downloaded a trial version you will have the opportunity to purchase a registration number for it from within MedRoc, or if you wish, you can purchase it now. The price is $29.

If you have comments or questions about our software please contact us.

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MedRoc Features   MedRoc ScreenShots   Download   Purchase