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Welcome to StenStat!

StenStat is jointly owned by Herbert H. Stenson, PhD and Linda S. Buyer, PhD, both of whom are emeritus professors who have taught statistics for many years. Click the About Us link above  for more information on us. We offer both statistical consulting and free statistical software. The software is free, but the consulting is not. Click the Consulting link above for more extensive information on it.

Free software titles currently offered are MedRoc, ROCstats, and Conway.  This software has no advertising in it, and is virus free. Each is briefly described below. For more extensive information click on the individual links above or below. If you try any of this free software and find it useful, please return to this page and make a donation to StenStat by clicking the Donate link above. It will take you to a page with a PayPal button on it.

Free software for comprehensive ROC Analysis of Biomedical Data

ROC graph

This is an integrated solution for performing ROC analyses of bio-medical data. It is a free-standing Windows program that has a full-featured data editor that can be used to either create a data file, or to read and edit a data file created by another program. After selling MedRoc for many years Stenstat now offers it as an absolutely free program. MedRoc uses terminology common in the field of medical research. It will allow you perform either bivariate normal or non-parametric ROC analyses and allows you to set many parameters relevant to these analyses. The surrogate (response) variables may be either categorical or continuous in nature. Multiple surrogate (response) variables are allowed for the same set of Gold Standard values. These major features, the editor, choice of ROC model, and the ability to handle continuous data make MedRoc stand out from similar programs, most of which do not include all these features in one integrated package. for more more information about it and/or to download it click the MedRoc link above.

Free Software for Simple Binary ROC Analysis
Binormal graph

This is a free program to run simple ROC analyses when there are only two response categories. It contains both statistics and graphics for such analyses. It is simple and compact while being very informative.  For more information about it and/or to download it click the ROCstats link above.

Free Software for running the Conway Game of Life
Conway Image

This is a bounded universe version of Conway's Game of Life. At each iteration of the game, individual cells are alive (white) or are dead (black) depending on the states of neighboring cells. The white cells in the illustration on the right show a configuration for a so-called glider, which moves across the screen on successive iterations. For more more information about it and/or to download it click the Conway link above.