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Conway's Game of Life

This program is absolutely free, with no limitations, no "extra programs", and no ads or viruses. Click the button below entitled "Download ConwaySetup" to download the file to install the app. This file will be named "ConwaySetup.exe". It will be in your Download folder. After the download, simply double-click on this file name in order to install the app. This app requires that you be running Windows 7 or later.

It is possible that when you download the installation file that you will get a message from Windows saying that the publisher of the program is unknown so that running this program is potentially dangerous. Please choose to run the program anyway. It is clean. You may contact its aurthor, Dr. Herbert Stenson at to check its veracity.

This is a version of Conway's Game of Life running in a finite universe. The rules for the life or death of a cell are the usual Conway rules. If you are unfamiliar with Conway's Game of Life you can read more about it on the world wide web or in the help files of the app.

The grid that you will see in the game contains cells that are either Dead (black) or Live(white). Here is a brief summary of the Conway rules for these grid cells:

1. A neighboring cell is defined as a cell that touches a given cell in any one of these compass directions: N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W, and NW.

2. If a dead (black) cell has exactly 3 live (white) neighbors it will become alive on the next iteration of the game. Otherwise it remains dead.

3. If a live (white) cell has 2 or 3 live neighbors, then on the next ieteration in the game it will remain live. Otherwise it dies.

Because this is a finite grid, some ending patterns of cells will will behave differently from what would be expected on an infinitly large grid. This is because anything outside the grid is not defined as either dead or alive.